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     Trevor Brazile Interview - 2012 YRA Finals

The 2016 - 2017 YRA Rodeo year is upon us and the Board of Directors is excited about the upcoming year.  The YRA is celebrating its 45th year.  The rodeo year begins in September and finishes in June with the Finals.  Mark your calendars and COME RODEO WITH THE YRA!!

During the 2016 - 2017 rodeo year, contestant members competed in 12 rodeos held in various locations; the YRA awarded 3 trailers, Year-end and Final saddles, buckles and prize money totaling $150,000.00


The YRA will provide multiple scholarships to YRA graduating seniors in good standing including 2 Blake Sandel Youth Rodeo Association Memorial Scholarships, The Ed Herklotz Memorial Scholarship, The Rhett Latham Memorial Scholarship and then also the YRA will award several scholarships in varying amounts to qualified applicants from the YRA scholarship fund.

Bull Riding and Bareback Riding will only be held at rodeos # 2, #9, #12.  2 head of livestock will be competed on each day Friday and Saturday.


To receive year-end , all-around awards finals awards and scholarships, contestants must enter and complete at the YRA Finals.  Contestants must also be present to accept finals, year-end and all-around awards at the Awards Banquet.  To receive year-end awards for an event, contestants must enter and compete at the YRA Finals in that event.  To qualify for the YRA Finals a contestant must:

1.  Be a member in good standing;

2.  Enter and pay their fees in the event in 6 or more of the scheduled rodeos; and

3.  Have sold $50.00 of raffle tickets per family.

The Board of Directors reserve the right to change or discontinue events during the year or make other changes that will enhance the YRA.  We also may change awards for all events that do not have six (6) contestants qualifying for the finals.  A contestant's age will be determined as of September 1, 2016.  If an event is not offered in a contestant's age group, the contestant my compete in the event in the next age group and any points won will be awarded towards the All-Around in the contestant's original age group.

CALL-IN PROCEDURES:  CALL-IN is 5 pm to 9 pm on TUESDAY, the week of the rodeo, with a $10.00 late fee per contestant.  If you miss the TUESDAY Call-In, a LATE CALL-IN is available on WEDNESDAY 5 pm to 6 pm with a $50.00 late fee per contestant.